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Dear Readers,

This year’s Waynesboro Writes publication is a collection of student writing from Waynesboro’s four elementary schools: Berkeley Glenn Elementary, Wenonah Elementary, Westwood Hills Elementary, and William Perry Elementary, and represents the work of students in grades K-5.
As you enjoy the writings of these young authors, please take note of the development that occurs as the students progress from Kindergarten through the Fifth Grade. Teachers devote time and effort into guiding these budding writers, working within the school division’s writing curriculum.

Each year for the past several years, the Waynesboro Cultural Commission, several local service organizations, and private donors have provided support for this showcase of your children’s creativity and imagination.

Sharon Tooley
Principal, Berkeley Glenn Elementary

Renae Deffenbaugh
Principal, Westwood Hills Elementary

Rebecca Jarvis
Principal, Wenonah Elementary

Julie Zook
Principal, William Perry Elementary


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Waynesboro Writes 2015


We are pleased to present to you the 2015 edition of Waynesboro Writes. Students from across grades K-5 at all the Waynesboro Elementary Schools—Berkeley Glenn, Wenonah, Westwood Hills, and William Perry—have shared with us their imagination. They have demonstrated here the high quality of instruction taking place in our local schools. We wish to thank the classroom teachers for guiding our young authors through the writing process.

Supporting this publication again in 2015 are local service organizations who give of their time and money to underwrite this very worthy endeavor. The Waynesboro Kiwanis, the Waynesboro Rotary and Waynesboro-East Augusta Rotary have assisted us again this year, as well as private donors who value the work this publication represents. These donations, along with monies budgeted through the Waynesboro Cultural Commission; allow us to celebrate the talent that thrives in our local elementary schools.

Each grade level at each of the four elementary schools is represented in the 2014 edition of Waynesboro Writes. We wish we could have included all the marvelous submissions from each school. In future editions, we hope to add additional pages and present all the poems, essays and short stories we receive. In the meantime, we are pleased to provide all the submissions on the Waynesboro Writes page of the Waynesboro Cultural Commission website.

Waynesboro Cultural Commission
Deb Booth
Clair Myers
Theresa Curry
Richard Wilbur
Leslie Ingersoll
David Witt