Waynesboro Writes 2015


Berkeley Glenn Writes

I like math beckos I like lorning beckos math is haooe you lorne beckos I like skoole!
Liam C.
Kindergarten/Mrs. Hart
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


I like the bech beckus I can bild a sand ckasll and beckus I can swim in the wodr!
Alexis A.
Kindergarten/Mrs. Hart
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


I see Remington (my dog).
I hear brds chrpen.
I smell flawrs.
I feel gras.
I taste apols.
Spring is here!  I love it!
Branson R.
Kindergarten/Mrs. Everidge
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


There once was an elepotamus
That lived in a muddy swampamus.
It swam all night and
It ate plants all day.
Jack R.
Kindergarten/Mrs. Everidge
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


I like the pool because I like to swime.  I like to swime at the prke.  I like to jupe in the poll.  I go with my dad.
Ethan I.
Mrs. Guthrie/Kindergarten
Berkeley Glenn Elementary


I like orgs beecs it’s jus.  I can make orange jus.   I can eat orgs for brfst.
Conner S.
Mrs. Guthrie/Kindergarten
Berkeley Glenn Elementary


One Easter night, the Easter bunny came to my house but the Easter bunny lost his car.  So he had to spend the night at my house.  Then we played and went to bed.  Last, we went to the park and he found his car.  I said “Good Night!”  He went home and came back to my house with blue Easter eggs.
Mikajah D.
First Grade/Mrs.  Amato
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Color Poem
Ernie is an elf in our room.
He has blue eyes.
He has a red hat.
He has on a red suit.
He has brown hair.
He has white gloves.
Ernie is an elf in our room.
Dalton A.
First Grade/Mrs. Amato
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Uncle Kissy Lips
Uncle Kissy Lips liked to kiss everybody. Everybody wanted to have Thanksgiving outside. Uncle Kissy Lips followed them outside. The people didn’t know Uncle Kissy Lips was behind them. When Aunt Betty turned around, Uncle Kissy Lips kissed Aunt Betty about 200 times! When Granny turned around, Uncle Kissy Lips kissed her about 200 times! They put Uncle Kissy Lips in the kissy dungeon.
Jack C.
1st Grade/Mr. Lee
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Guess Who Came to Thanksgiving Dinner?
Guess who came to my Thanksgiving dinner? Silly Bat Girl! When we tried to eat dinner she was noisy. She thought that everything was a trampoline and she would not eat dinner. When it was time for dessert, she ate all the dessert by herself! The whole time she was bad. It was the first time Silly Bat Girl had been to Thanksgiving dinner. She was really bad.
Tia M.
1st Grade/Mr. Lee
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


How To Catch A Leprechaun
First, you cut a circle.
Next, you color the circle gold.
Then, you set the circle on the floor.
Finally, I’m ready to catch the leprechaun.
Saul R.
First Grade/Mrs. Wormley
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


How To Catch A Leprechaun
First, I get a long box, a ladder, a lot of emeralds, and a lift that goes up and down, and a sign.
Next, you put the box so it looks high and put some emeralds inside at the bottom.
Then I put a ladder on and cut a hole at the top of the box. Put the piece you cut out at the top of the lift.
Finally, you put the sign that says emeralds, and place an emerald on the lift. Last you test it out.
Blake W.
First Grade/Mrs. Wormley
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Jackson’s Tooth
On Monday morning, a very strange thing happened in our classroom! A boy named Jackson noticed his front right tooth was loose.  So he started wiggling. He wiggled all day long on Tuesday. Jackson still wiggled and wiggled. That old tooth loved Jackson so much, it did not want to come out! On Wednesday he wiggled and wiggled and wiggled some more! But the tooth was too stubborn. Finally, on Thursday morning, Jackson wiggled and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled and all of a sudden…that old, naughty tooth popped right out! Jackson smiled a toothless grin! And do you want to know something funny? Now, Jackson has another loose tooth!!!!
Maddie Doyle/2nd Grade
Mrs. Ross’ Class
Berkeley Glenn


Snakes are amazing because they eat their prey. When snakes eat they swollow the animal head first. Snakes coil their bodies then they sufacate the animal. Some snakes are poisnis then when the animal comes it jumps out and poisins it with its two fangs.
Daniel D.
Second Grade/Landram
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Hurricane Lockdown!
It was an ordinary day in BGES.  I was bored out of my mind!  Soon I was fast a sleep.  When I woke up one minute later.  Winds were blowing 100,000 miles an hour.  I flew out of my chair.  To be continued . . .
Half an hour later when I finally got to hold on to something stable Mrs. Burks said on the speaker student’s don’t panic we are just on a lockdown for a year.  Oh I forgot to tell you it’s because of this hurricane that might KILL US ALL!  To be continued. . .
One day later I had enough without taking a shower not playing outside I broke through the window and I screamed for fine minutes and the hurricane went away!  Then GiGi hopped out the window and said let’s run all the way to your house and take showers, have ice cream, soda and play outside for an hour and a half.  I said yes definitely!! And we did.
The End
Kelly G.
2nd Grade/Mrs. Shaw
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


A Dragon And A Boy
Once upon a time in the woods it was raining!  Suddenly a little boy came walking out of no where!  Then he said I hope I don’t see a dragon today!  Then he heard a loud roar!  The boy said I hope that is not a dragon!  But is was!  The dragon was big, huge and red! The dragon had a mouth filled with not fire!  And then the boy ran for his life!  But the dragon could smell the boy!  The boy was near a wishing well!  The boy grabbed a bucket and filled it with water and threw it in the dragons mouth!  Then the dragon shrank until he was very small!
The End
Kristofer R.
2nd Grade/Mrs. Shaw
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Origami Owl is the item I am writing about. The reason why I want this item is because it can really match all of your clothes, they sparkle in the sunlight, they are so beautiful, and if you have a necklace or bracelet already you can just buy new charms and swap them out at different times. The things you can get on or in it are sparkles on the outside of the container and on the charms, the colors that you can get on it is black, gold, rose gold, and silver. You can have a screw on or magnetic container to put your charms in. The charms that I would like in my container are a cream colored ball on the rose gold. I want it to be magnetic. Also I want 5 charms which are an aquamarine jewel, art pad with a brush, an ice skate, and I also want 2 silver charms with the word LOVE and the number 5.
I will wear it to the store, to a restaurant, and I will wear it to school. That is why I want an Origami Owl necklace for Christmas.
Anne Marie H.
Third Grade/Mrs. Markel
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


My Happy Poem
Happy is me riding my bike.
Happy is holding my little brother.
Happy is me going to my cousin’s house.
Happy is playing outside on my swing set.
Happy is me going to my friend’s house.
Kayleigh T.
Third Grade/ Mrs. Kane
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


One day there were two playful witches.   They were eating breakfast at school. One witch was eating pancakes, and the other one was eating a cinnamon  bun. Lilly was jealous she did not want the pancakes, so she decided to switch the trays around. Joy, the other witch, did not mind.
It was time to go to class.  While they were walking down the hall, Amanda gave them an invitation to a party.  Amanda said it was at her house. The sisters ran home and got ready for the party at 8 oclock. They were having a good time until 10oclock when it was time to go home.
Vampire said, “I can’t open the door.”  Everybody started to panic and then another person said,
“Let’s go through the windows!”  The windows would not open.
“Let’s go through the vent!” said Joy. So they went through the vent and landed in the front yard and ran home in terror.  No one ever saw them again.
Jade D
Third Grade/ Mrs. Holdsworth
Berkeley Glenn Elementary


Super Hero
For it is me the best super hero of all super heroes VIDEO. I have returned the most precious thing on earth, its core. Oh are you a tourist to see me? Oh you are. Well, I guess you want to hear my origin story, eh?  Well I’ll tell you it.
One day I was walking through the neighborhood and my dad called me. He said he needed me for something because he was a scientist. When I arrived I saw some huge machine.  He said that it was a power generator.  Normally you think of an electricity generator but that was wrong. It actually would give you any power you could think of. So I typed in the power of video and it gave the power to make anything in a video real. That’s how I made batman real and gotham real too. I also can have wings whenever I want to fly or look cool. Basically I can do anything I want when I want. Well that’s my origin story.
Well, good bye and see you later.
John Bachellor
Fourth Grade/Mrs. Coulling
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Super Hero: Lightning Fast
One Beautiful Day in Los Angelo there was a new villain called Dr.Evil and he plans to rule the world but, Lightning Fast is not going to let that happen. Dr.Evil goes around the whole world to find interesting parts of cars to make his powerful machine. Lightning Fast can speed run, fly , see through walls , and she throws Lightning Bolts to struck evil villains. Lightning fast zoomed past cars and buildings to see where Dr.Evil’s Hideout is. Finally, finds Dr.Evil’s Hideout and the doors shut just like a trap and Dr.Evil comes out of nowhere and tries to get Lightning Fast Super Speed Power.
But, Lighting Fast zooms to one of the window and gets out then she throws one of her Lighting Bolts and the place blows up. Suddenly, Lightning Fast feels woozy and falls to the ground that’s when she realizes she couldn’t fly and then Dr.Evil comes out of the burning building and was flying and Lightning Fast tries to fly but she can’t. Dr. Evil said,” You will never catch me” Lightning Fast quickly ran with Dr.Evil and then she climbed up the building and hit Dr.Evil and she got half of her powers back then she punched him in the face but, Dr.Evil blocked it and took some of her powers which made her weak. Then Lightning Fast flew right next to him then she fell down to the ground Lightning Fast then got out her last lightning bolt and threw it but, Dr.Evil caught the lightning bolt and almost hit Lightning Fast. Lightning Fast was amazed and she hit Dr.Evil 10 times and got all of her powers then Dr.Evil got out the Destroyer and it almost hit Lightning Fast and she got all of her Lightning Bolts back then she pulled out 10 of her lightning bolts and she threw them like she was destroying the biggest killing machine ever.
Lightning Fast saw Dr.Evil going to the computer to upgrade his machine and then Lightning Fast got 4 of her lightning bolts and threw them at Dr.Evil and he tripped and fell then the Destroyer was almost broken then Lighting Fast got 20 of her lightning bolts and speeded around the Destroyer while, hitting it. The Destroyer was broken then Lightning Fast got the closest rope and speeded around Dr.Evil and he was down and Lightning Fast then said” You thought you could out-smart me hey” “We’ll yes” Dr.Evil replied “Well you didn’t” she said while they were putting him in the cop car “Be careful with him he is pretty clever but not as clever as me” Lightning Fast said while saying to herself “Good job you saved the world again”.
Keghan Marion
Fourth Grade/Mrs.Coulling
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Tacky Tom
Descriptive Writing
If you like monsters, Tacky Tom is the monster for you! Tacky Tom is a very complicated monster with patterned teeth. His first tooth has a straight line pattern and his second tooth has a sideways striped pattern. Tacky Tom’s third tooth has a sideways striped pattern also, but this time in the other direction.
Tacky Tom loves to listen to bird calls and ocean wave patterns. His two arms are normal looking, like tubes, and his nose is black and freckled and points westward. Tacky Tom does not talk much and can be very shy at times. His ears are shaped like rainbows. The first strip of his ear is a zigzagged pattern in a shade of tangerine and the second strip of his ear is a checker board pattern shaded to look like a lemon. The center part of his ear is a deep, dark black color. Tacky Tom’s eyes have a pupil in the center of each eye, and beside each are many, many lines that look like some parentheses.
Tacky Tom has a rectangular shaped body. On top, from his neck to his belly button, is a polka dotted and striped mixture in an orange shade. From his belly button down his body is a striped yellow pattern, an exact replica of his teeth. Tom’s oval face is also a lemony yellow. His hair is parted into four parts. The first section of his hair is in a zigzagged pattern, the second part and fourth part are in a straight line pattern, and the third part is in a diagonal pattern. If you have seen this monster lately, I recommend calling the police! You never know what’s going to happen next when Tacky Tom is around!
Ashlyn A.
Fourth Grade- Mrs. Zehringer
Berkeley Glenn


The Time I Rode Space Mountain
Personal Narrative
Last summer when I rode Space Mountain it was extremely terrifying.  When I walked up to the ride, I watched people departing with blistering headaches.  A chill of fear ran down my neck when it was my turn to get on next! I hopped on, and I was scared to death.  The roller coaster started off slowly and then whoosh!  We plunged into complete darkness at the speed of light.  After a minute, I saw a humongous one hundred foot tall space shuttle, then darkness once again!  All that was visible were glistening stars in a pitch black night sky. I thought that by the end of the ride every single bone in my body would look like a piece of grated cheese. I heard scream after horrified scream, and I was being jerked around like a rag doll!  My dad told me to hold on for dear life as we moved at the speed of light.  Constantly, we moved up and down, left and right. When my ride finally came to a speeding halt, I was the one with a blistering headache.
Steven P.
Fourth Grade- Mrs. Zehringer
Berkeley Glenn


A Special Wish
If I could make a wish to help others, I would give each and every homeless person a home.  I would do this because when I ride my bike on the Greenway and I’m skipping rocks at the river, I always see a patch of patted down grass where someone has slept.  I just feel so bad for them on cold nights.
First, my wish is to help the homeless.  How would it feel to be in the cold night with no blankets and no heat?  They travel all day until night, then they find a place that is safe and sound to sleep.
Second, my wish is to give the homeless a home.  I wouldn’t want to sleep outside in the freezing cold air.  How would you feel to sleep on hay all night? That wouldn’t be comfortable.
Third, I wish this because when I’m riding my bike on the Greenway I go down by the bridge and skip rocks.  Then I always look under the bridge and there lies the patted down patch, a big puddle and the sound of cars going over my head.  Imagine how it would be to sleep there?
To summarize, if I had one wish to help others, I would give each homeless person a home.  I would do this because of when I see that patted down hay under the bridge where someone has slept…That is what I want to spend my wish on.
Kate L.
5th Grade/Mrs. Spencer
Berkeley Glenn Elementary


Do you like it when it’s sunny out and the river is shining??  Then coming to Waynesboro is a great idea.  It’s a great place because it has a great school, great parks and a great movie theater.
Waynesboro is a great place because it has a great school, Berkeley Glenn, with a nice playground.  It’s a big school with nice teachers.  By the way, the best school is BGES!!
Then there are the parks.  They are the best.  You should see the river shining in the sun.  One of the best things is you can feed the ducks, and also go to the pool in the summer!
As well as, Waynesboro has the Zeus Theater.  The Zeus Theater.  Now that place is very big!  There are big screens, with lots of rooms and lots of seats!!
So yeah, come on down anytime.  You can go to a great school, visit some great parks and go to the movies!!!
Rashaud A.
5th grade/Mrs. Spencer
Berkeley Glenn Elementary


My Story of Helping Others in Our World
One day as I was walking around in our town I noticed that a homeless man that was scavenging through a dumpster looking for food and I gave him my piping hot sub from Subway. And that got me thinking….
So the next day I want to the Governor and asked him about having a food bank in our town since we didn’t already have one. But he said I had to have proof to do such a thing and I was on a mission to help hungry and homeless people have some comfort. So the place that I saw him I went back with my video camera and shot him in the dumpster scavenging for food without him noticing me in the shadows.
After that filled proof night I went back to Governor with a Starbucks coffee in hand trying to keep me awake after that long night. After I showed him the video he was amazed and finally gave the OK about the food bank. So the very next day I went to the construction site and saw the progress which was coming along and already taking shape.
Finally after five excruciating painful days the job was finally finished. And the first person I saw that went in was the same guy I saw scavenging in a dumpster and I finally got courage to go up to him and ask him his name which was “Doug.”
Julius H,
Mrs. Lundstrom
5th grade
Berkeley Glenn Elementary


A Wish That Could Change The World
Hi My name is Carrie and I have a story to tell you but, actually it is sort of a wish. It all started a week ago when I saw a homeless man with no Job, Food, Clothes, and Money. My mom and I helped him. We gave him some of our groceries, bought him some clothes, and let him stay with us for a little while. That night as I was laying in bed I wished for something that could change the whole entire world.
My wish would be that everyone could have a could education. That way people could get jobs. If everyone had a good job they could earn a living. With money of their own they could also buy groceries, clothes, a car, and even eventually a house. If everyone had these things the world would be a completely different place! No one would die of starvation or of frostbite in the winter.
Tomorrow is my birthday, I am turning eleven! But instead of wishing for lots of presents,toys, and cake I decided then and there that I was going to wish the wish that I thought of last night in my bed. When I told my mom and the homeless man Garry this they were both so proud of me. “Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Carrie! Happy Birthday to you!” They all sang to me. Then after the birthday song I made my wish and blew out all my eleven candles.
There was lots of wind and whirling around us and in fact the whole entire world. My dream had come true! Oh and I forgot when I told my mom about the wish she posted it on FaceBook for the whole world to see! The next morning I probably got 5,000 phone calls saying that people wanted interviews and autographs! I was the most famous person on this earth right now! “How did this happen?!” Is all I thought for the next couple hours. Well I have to go celebrate my birthday with all my family and fans. So good bye for now!
By Kate M.
5th Grade
Mrs. Lundstrom
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


I Never Turned My Back
I like track. I never turned my back.
Sweat and pain is going through my brain.
Rain or shine, we in the line.
Minnie Ruth is mine, mine, mine!
The Olympics is the thing I won.
I never turned my back, the day is not done.
I don’t judge,
I lunge.
Mama always told me, “Boy, you need to listen!”
I won the Cup Piston.
I then turned my back. I started to cry.
I tried the rest and did my best.
When I got my score, I jumped and roared.
I never turned my back.
I still love my Lord.
Isaiah J.
Fifth Grade/Mrs. Andrews
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


The Cherry Blossom
Pink, beautiful, white, brown tree
Sparkly, white snow
One flower has fell
I feel the frosty flower
I must walk away
Jared W.
Fifth Grade/Mrs. Andrews
Berkeley Glenn Elementary School


Wenonah Writes


I like to play soccer in the park.
Miguel Z.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Driskill


I like to go outside in the sun to play.
Gabrielle B.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Driskill


I ride my bike.
Makinsey B.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Driskill


I jump in the leaves.
Miakiah F.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Driskill


I like to run at the park.
Santiago V.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Dorsey


My Koala
My Koala’s name is Lee.  My Koala is crazy!
Keiden W.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Dorsey


I like to go to Funquest and I like to play lasertag.
Gabe V.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Dorsey


My Dog
My dog like to play outside.
Elijah A.
Wenonah, Kindergarten
Mrs. Dorsey


Blue Shark
Once there was a blue shark.  He hunts small fish.  He swims in the sea with his friends.  He went back to his den to sleep.
Mason H.
Wenonah, First Grade
Ms. Traxler


Once there was a mermaid.  She swam with me in my pool.  She had donuts and cookies.  She went home to eat.
Emma V.
Wenonah, First Grade
Ms. Traxler


Once upon a time there was a dolphin.  He swims in my pool.  We went to McDonalds then we went home.
Chelsey B.
Wenonah, First Grade
Ms. Traxler


A Little Star
There once was a little star.  Her name was Luna.  She fell on a house roof.  Then a little boy picked it up and tried to throw it up to the sky but he couldn’t.  So he build a rocket ship and he put the little star up.
Kelly O.
Wenonah, First Grade
Ms. Snyder


How to Make a Cake
I know how to make a cake for my teacher.  First I get flour.  Then I put the flour in a bowl. Then I blend the flour and put it in a pan.  Then I put it in the oven.
Ryleigh R.
Wenonah, First Grade
Ms. Snyder


The Giant Duck
Once upon a time there was a giant duck.  He was a mean duck.  He pushed.  He did not share his toys so the other ducks never played with him.  And they lived happily ever after.
Maria C.
Wenonah, First Grade
Ms. Snyder


My Favorite Doctor
Doctors are important because they keep us safe.  My favorite doctor is an orthopedic.  He is my favorite because he helped me get my sling on when I broke my arm.
Edwin V.
Wenonah, Third Grade
Mrs. Shipman


My Favorite Doctor
Doctors are important because they help with your teeth.  My favorite doctor is a dentist.  She is my favorite because she is nice and she lets me pick a toy and a little stuff bear.  She is very pretty.  Doctors are the best!
Shariah F.
Wenonah, Third Grade
Mrs. Shipman


My Favorite Doctor
Doctors are important because they keep us safe.  My favorite doctor is Dr. Pinkston.  She is my favorite doctor because she keeps me healthy.  Doctors are very cool!
Maggie B.
Wenonah, Third Grade
Mrs. Shipman


My Favorite Doctor
Doctors are important because they help me when I am sick.  My favorite doctor is Dr. Mumbower.  He is my favorite because he makes me laugh when I don’t feel well.  Doctors are great.
Kaitlin Freger
Wenonah, Third Grade
Mrs. Shipman


My Favorite Doctor
Doctors are important because they help you feel better.  My favorite doctor is my dentist.  He is my favorite because at the end he gives me a toothbrush and tooth paste.  Doctors are helpful.
Nicholas H.
Wenonah, Third Grade
Mrs. Shipman


My Powpow
You will not believe how many people are in my family.  I have over 46 cousins in Waynesboro.  But there’s one family member I admire.  It’s my great grandpa.  I call him Powpow.  He will do whatever I say, he will not argue with me.  He will just go with the flow.
Powpow is a loving and caring man.  He’s always in a good mood.  He takes really good care of me.  By protecting me from harms way.  Also he helps me with my homework too.  He will never ever mistreat anyone.
He’s a joyful and exciting man.  Because he’ll play with me and my little brother too.  Also he will take me anywhere I want to go.  I think he’s a really super duper smart or at least I think he is.  My powpow is one of a kind and I mean it!
Hailey T.
Wenonah, Fourth Grade
Ms. Jones


The Number 51
The number 51 is so important to me, because it is a family number.  My pawpaw is not alive and I want to see him and his number was 51 in high school.  So, I want to make him happy by wearing his number.
What it means to be wearing the number 51.  Whenever I wear that number I feel proud.  I know while I’m wearing the number 51 my pawpaw is watching me from high above.
All my shirts that I own they say 51.  My first one was on Christmas it was a Dallas Cowboy hoodie.  The next one was a Dallas Cowboy jersey.  Then it was my football jersey.  Also, my baseball uniform.  All of them have 51 on it.
All of the things that I have done had that number.  The first and second year I have played football, my team went to the Super Bowl and I had that number on my jersey.  While I was playing on my all-star team for baseball we could not be defeated in districts and we went to states and I had on the number 51.  I love the number 51.  Thank you pawpaw!
Taylin H.
Wenonah, Fourth Grade
Ms. Jones


My Family
My family is my only family and I want to spend time with them because I don’t get to see them anymore.  They have all done so much for me and I want to repay them something good.
My family lives with me in the same house and under the same roof.  My family members are my mom, uncle, dad, grandpa, grandma, and my 2 brothers.  It is really crowded but we make it through the day somehow.  My dad helps me by taking me places I need to go.  He tells me what the best choice is and what the greatest choice isn’t.  He doesn’t just take me places but the entire family.
My mom is usually the most help because she has to wakes us all up every day and also wakes up my brothers and my dad.  My dad goes to work and my brothers and I go to school.  She is like the only one who knows how to use the washing machine.  She cleans our clothes and cleans the entire house while we’re gone.  She also takes me to church to do my homework.  If it wasn’t for her, I would have to wait for an hour for my dad to get back from work and take me.  My big brother always comes to take me back home from church.  If I can’t go to church he helps me on the things I know and things I don’t know.  If ever I get sad he cheers me up by telling me good stuff about me.  After a while I feel better.  My brother says that once he turns 26 and he can drive, he’ll take me anywhere I want to go.  He also said that once I’m old enough, he’d take me and his friend to Japan!
These are the reasons I want to spend time with my family and I want to do something for them all.
Brian Z.
Wenonah, Fifth Grade
Mrs. Bortz


My Dog Daisy
“Sara wake up!”  My dad yelled loudly.  I got up and realized that I was going to get my dog Daisy.  I ran downstairs and asked, “Is today the day dad?”  “Yes, go get ready and I will get breakfast.”  My dad said, I ran upstairs and got ready.  A few minutes later I went back down and my breakfast was ready.  “Thanks dad.”  I said happily.  “No problem, when you are done will you get Daisy’s stuff ready?”  “Yes,” I told him.  When I was done I got her bowls filled with food and water, her bed out with toys, her collar ready, and put treats in a bag.  I put the treats and the collar in the car.  My dad came outside and said “Come on, let’s go get Daisy.”  I was excited, but scared that she wouldn’t like it.
We were in the car and we had to go to the gas station to get snacks and gasoline.  When we got back in the car, my dad started to sing.  I laughed and when he stopped it was just so he could laugh with me.  An hour later, we were at the foster home.  I saw Daisy and she saw me.  I got out of the car and Daisy was sitting in the grass. Behind her was a fence with a lot of other dogs.  Daisy was excited and she ran up to me.  I looked for my dad but he was inside signing papers.  Daisy started to lick my face and it was so gross, but I had to get used to it because she was now mine.  My dad came outside and Daisy started to lick him.  I met the foster parents and they said Daisy was a great dog.  They all said by to Daisy and one of the children was crying.  Daisy was in the car and we were heading back home.
We were driving and I didn’t notice any of the signs.  “Dad, are we going the right way?”  I asked sacredly.  “I think so, Wait I took a left and not a right!”  He said worriedly.  Daisy was barking so my dad turned and said, “Alright, I have this all under control.  Daisy, stop barking,” he said calmly.  Two and a half hours later we were back home.  My Meemaw came over to see her.  When she left Daisy laid on her bed.  “I am so happy!” I yelled.  “Me too!”  My dad yelled back to me from the kitchen.  Daisy looked so happy!  “Dad, Daisy is on the couch!  Do you want her to get down?”  I asked quietly.  “No, she is fine.”  He whispered.  I got on the couch and lay down with her.  A few minutes later, we were both asleep on the couch.  My dad took a picture and turned the lights off.  He went upstairs to bed and Daisy and I stayed downstairs.  The next morning Daisy was licking my face in excitement.  I looked at her and said, “Well Daisy, I hope you like it because you will be her forever!”
Sara P.
Wenonah, Fifth Grade
Mrs. Bortz


Freaking Out
One day at Kings Dominion we were getting on Woodstock Express.  “Mom can we get on this ride?”  I asked.  “Yes Makiah” my mom said.  Zoom we ran right to it.  We waited in line, got on, and got stuck.  Have you ever got stuck on a roller coaster?  Well I sure have!
All of a sudden everyone got scared.  We started getting quiet.  We were all curious to why this happened.  That ride had very scary bumps.  We were so scared about that.
After that my mom said, “I don’t like this ride anymore.”  I told my mom that I was so scared and worried.  People got so mad and frustrated.  We were so frightened, it stopped at the top of the hill so we were scared.
We started hearing people getting quieter and stared breathing heavily, very hard.  It scared us a lot because we didn’t know what to do.  We had to wait about 15-30 minutes.  We were so terrified.
After being scared we finally got back to moving everyone was so happy and relieved.  All of a sudden we realized that we got scared for not such a big deal.  The ride was huge.  When the ride was over and done everyone was so glad.  We were all so thankful for getting off of that ride.
Makiah W.
Wenonah, Fifth Grade
Mrs. Bernard


2014 Christmas
“Christmas is here!” I yelled.  I woke up and jumped out of bed.  I was so excited for Christmas.  I ran down the stairs and saw all the presents under the well-lit tree.
It was colorful and there were cartoon character on the wrapping paper.  The wrapping paper had Superman and Batman for me and my younger brother.  Dora for my younger sister and monkeys for my older sisters presents.
Out stockings were overflowing with toys.  Me and my younger brother’s stockings were next to each other.  I had an iPod in my stocking, little toys and some candy.
The presents I got were outrageously fun.  The presents were an iPod, an X-Box, the sketch wizard, puffy earphones, a magic kit, and some games for the X-Box.  The presents I gave were a mini speaker for my older sister, an extremely cool flashlight for my dad, and a cup with a mini chalkboard on the front for my mom.
In the end, we all had fun with our toys.  My brother played with his toy cars.  My sister played with her kitchen set and my older sister put her beauty stuff in her room.
Luis M.
Wenonah, Fifth Grade
Mrs. Bernard


Westwood Hills Writes

The chicken moved the log so the water could get thru.
Greenlee R.
Kindergarten / Mrs. Allen
Westwood Hills Elementary


Look how cute the chickens are.
Briscoe M.
Kindergarten / Mrs. Harner
Westwood Hills Elem


It is important to help other people because what if they were in trouble and you did not help them? And then you were in trouble? They would not help you!
Kaitlin K.
Kindergarten / Ms. Prestiy
Westwood Hills Elementary School


Frogs eat bugs.  Frogs hop on lily pads.
Aidan R.
Kindergarten/Mrs. Wolfe
Westwood Hills Elementary


Grandparents are special people.  I enjoy shopping with my Nana and Papa.  I like to tell jokes with my Nana and Papa.  My Nana is fun to play with.  I like to paint her nails.  Nana and Papa are special.
Meliah D.
1st Grade/Giovanna Edwards
Westwood Hills Elementary


I love my mawmaw.  She’s so sweet.  She’s the best mawmaw in the whole universe.  She gives me the best presents.  She’s sixty years old.  She’s a great protector when I walk in the woods with Lacy.  She also protects me when I climb the big humongous rock.  She’s so great.  She’s so nice.  She’s also so careful.  I love her.  She’s a very good grandparent.
Grace C.
First grade/ Mrs. Hodge
Westwood Hills Elementary


It’s really fun in spring. It is cool to swim in spring.  Don’t you think so, too?  Hot tubs are the best pools ever, and I know why.  Once you fill it up with a water hose, there are heaters inside that heat the water that is put in the hot tub.  Swimming in spring is my favorite.
Teagan S.
1st Grade/Mrs. Cole
Westwood Hills Elementary School


Spring is my favorite time of year.  I love spring because the birds start singing.  I like to go outside and play.  My mom and I like rainbows because they are colorful.  I love the flowers outside because they smell good.  It is fun and I get to ride my bike. I love spring.  It is amazing!
Maddy B.
Mrs. Bragg’s 1st Grade Class
Westwood Hills Elementary School


Silly Leprechaun
There once was a silly Leprechaun. He wore his shoes on his head. He lived under a bridge instead of a rainbow. He put a rock at the end of the bridge instead of a pot of gold. It blocked all the cars that tried to get by the bridge. The silly Leprechaun stopped all the people from crossing the bridge.  So they went to an old house and worked out a plan because if you tried to move it he would sing this horrible song. It goes like La, la, la  lAAAAAAAAAAA! It was so loud it almost blew their heads off. So our plan was at night when he’s asleep we would go and move the rock. We would wait until dark
Hannah E.
2nd grade/ Mrs. Clark
Westwood Hills Elementary School


S is for super fun
P is for planting a garden
R is for roses
I is for incredible sights
N is for new born animals
G is for growing plants
Bella K.
2nd Grade/Mrs. Thrower
Westwood Hills Elementary


S is for sunny weather
P is for pitchers of lemonade
R is for ready for warmer weather
I is for incredibly active
N is for no staying inside
G is for great time to plant a garden
Zachary R
2nd grade/Mrs. Thrower
Westwood Hills Elementary


At The End of the Rainbow
I was walking home after school.  It had just rained.  When I was on my front porch, I saw a beautiful rainbow.  So I told my daddy I was going on a walk with Zachary.  Zachary and I followed the rainbow.  The colors were so pretty and bold.  I just couldn’t wait to see what was at the end!  When I was getting close to the end, Zachary and I ran the rest of the way there.  We found a beautiful diamond fairy forest.  I saw a fairy with a diamond dress.  Zachary saw a world of Minecraft.  We had to go home before we were late for dinner.  I told my family all about it, but they didn’t believe me.  Zachary and I had a wonderful time on our adventure!
Cecelia L.
Mrs. Sowards- 2nd Grade
Westwood Hills Elementary


How The Cats Fell in Love!
Once upon a time there was a beautiful cat named Sunshine. She lived with her mom, her evil stepdad and two mean, clumsy stepbrothers named T.J. and J.T.
The King and Queen were throwing a ball for the prince to make friends and to meet a wife. Sunshine wanted to go but her stepdad made her clean the cat stand where they live.
Sunshine sobbed as she cleaned. The robin across the street heard her. He then gave her a dress and took her to the ball. She danced all night with the prince. The robin took her home at midnight. The next morning the prince came to Sunshine’s house.  The prince took her to the palace, and right away they were married. The prince now had a wife and a new best friend.
Kaitlyn H.
Grade 3/Mrs. Kirtz
Westwood Hills Elementary School


Have you ever gone to Ecuador? My family and I went this past summer! We had to take two flights to get there. One was two hour long, the other was 5 hours long.  We went in July and got back in August. Our trip was two weeks. When we got to Ecuador, we went to the rainforest, the beach, and Quito. First, we went to the rainforest. In the rainforest, we saw a sloth, parrots, monkeys, piranhas.  I caught a piranha!  Our last day, we went on a motored canoe. I saw a boa constrictor. Next, we went to the beach. We stayed for two days. On the first day, we went to Poor Man’s Galapagos. On the second day, we went whale watching. Lastly, we went to Quito. We stayed there five days. We did lots of fun stuff! My favorite place we went was Mitad Del Mundo. Mitad Del Mundo is the monument for the middle of the world. The “real middle” of the middle of the world is 100 feet away from the monument. There is a lab from ancient times. Over the two weeks, my family and I went to one new continent, eight flights, and lots of cool places on our trip to Ecuador.
Jacob H.
3rd Grade/Mrs. Mohn
Westwood Hills Elementary


One day a man woke up and found out he had cancer. He loved to fight but the doctor said he was going to die in 3 months.  Then he got a letter in the mail.  It said if you come to this address in South America, 12230 Robert Street, we can take away your cancer.  So he went to went Robert Street.  He saw an army base with soldiers running in and out.  He walked down a dark hall and then someone said “Jake!”
Jake turned around and saw a man.  His nametag said Dr. Bill.  Jake said “Are you the doctor I’m supposed to see?”
“Yes, I am” said Dr. Bill.
Jake took a deep breath and followed Dr. Bill down the dark hallway.  The Jake saw a chair with a bunch of pokey stuff.  He got scared and he ran.  Dr. Bill said, “That’s just the covering for it.”  Dr. Bill took off the covering and gave Jake a medicine dropper full of weird medicine.  While Jake was taking the medicine, there was a screen playing a movie.
After Dr. Bill was done with Jake, the medicine was supposed to give Jake healing powers, but Dr. Bill thought it didn’t work so he told Jake to stay a few more days, but those days turned into weeks and those weeks turned into months.  Dr. Bill still didn’t think that it worked.
The Jake decided to escape.  When everybody was sleeping Jake took plungers and started to pull himself forward on the roof.  Then eventually Jake got to the door.  When he was trying to get to the jeep, he cut his arm on something sharp.  It healed right away.  Jake was surprised!  But instead of telling Dr. Bill what had happened, he took a jeep and went home.  When he got back to his house, he thought about how he had healing powers.  Then he could help the world.  He gave his self a cool name, The Incredible Wizard.  He started training.  He got a cool magician suit.  Still to this day, he helps the world.
Hunter G.
3rd Grade / Mrs. Davis
Westwood Hills Elementary School


When I was Invisible
One night I couldn’t sleep so my mom gave me some sleeping medicine to help me fall asleep. It tasted really bad and so in the morning when I got up I got dressed and I looked in the mirror to see how I looked and I saw I was invisible. I walked around to figure out what to do and I couldn’t think of anything.
A thought popped into my head and it was to go to the Chinese potion shop. So I went down there and I saw a man at the front desk and I asked,
“Do you have any invisible go away potion?”  I asked. The man said
“Yes but It comes in 5 days. Sorry” so I said, “What other kind of potions do you have”
The man said “We have flying, x-ray, and many, many more.”
It has been 5 days and I went back to the potion shop and I saw a potion called “Invisible Be Gone.” I bought it and when I got home it was dark and I took it. In the morning I got up and looked in the mirror and I could see myself so I went down the Chinese potion shop and said “thank you very much!”
Chloe M.
4th grade, Mrs. Short
Westwood Hills Elementary School


Oh no………. I’m stuck in my teacher’s closet!!!!!!!  I tried to get out but there must have been something on the outside like a lock or a rope or even a chair.  I was trying to explore my teacher’s closet when they were out of the room but I must have gotten stuck.  I didn’t know that while I was in the closet there was a person in the building without a nametag. They called a Code Yellow and told everyone to evacuate the building and go home. A few hours later, the guy was gone and he must have known that I was in the teacher’s closet. The rope was untied or the lock was unlocked so the last time I tried to open the door it FINALLY opened!  I was so relieved.
When I went out of the closet I saw nobody in my class room.   I looked outside of my classroom and still nobody was there.  Suddenly, I heard a door slamming. I guess it was the janitor leaving.  I thought, “Sweet! I’m in the school alone!” The first thing I knew I was going to the teacher’s lounge to get some sodas and really good cake.  Next, I would watch Sponge Bob on the T.V.  Then, I slid on my knees in the hallway because I know we’re not allowed to slide on our knees in the hallways when school starts. Next, I took a nap in the beanbags in the Guidance Counselor’s office. They were real comfy. Then, after that, I went into my class room again. I went straight to the closet to see if the teacher has a stash of hidden goodies but it turns out she doesn’t.  After I did that, I went to the art room to paint a picture and write my teacher an awesome note.  Finally, I played the trumpet in music class. It was awesome. When it was morning I went back to my class and sat on the yoga balls. They were red and green and felt really comfortable so I took a nap.
One hour later, kids came in and saw me. They yelled at the teacher to come over here and see that I was on the yoga balls sleeping.  Once the teacher came in she saw me and woke me up.  A few minutes, later she told me to go to the principal’s office before I could say a word of what happened. I knew that I was going to be in deep trouble.
Bayley C.
Fourth Grade
Mrs. Smith
Westwood Hills Elementary School


Shark Attack!!!
“Rumble, rumble.” The motor of our car rumbles loudly in our ears as we make the long, boring trip to Virginia Beach. “Almost there” my mom finally says, as we pull into the hot, dusty parking lot. We quickly grab our colorful beach toys and race each other to the chilly, blue water. I immediately start to play in the water. After after an hour or two, I stopped to rest on the shore, when I saw a beautiful red boat sailing on the waves. But something was queer about the water around it. The water was churning around in circles. I suddenly realized there were two fins circling the  boat. They were shark fins!
I immediately ran as fast as my short legs would go, out of the water. I never looked back. When I was far on shore I finally looked back. I saw a man in a bright orange vest leaning over the side of the boat. He had a camera in his hand and was trying to get a good picture of the sharks. All of  a sudden, he leaned over to far and fell in, camera and all! I screamed so loudly everyone could hear me! But I did not care. I dug around in my mom’s purse and found her cell phone. I dialed in 911. Other people saw the sharks too and they pulled out their own cell phones. Some little kids were crying because of all the commotion that had just started up all of a sudden. Luckily there was a police car not too far away. They borrowed a kayak that was tethered to the dock, and raced out to save the man.
Ten minutes later, the man was on the shore and two policemen were carrying him. An ambulance was already there. When they came by us, we saw a humongous bite in his left leg. A woman was sobbing beside him. His eyes were closed and he was moaning in great pain. He was put into the ambulance and was ushered off to the hospital. I was so scared I almost cried. “Will he be alright?” I asked my dad. “I hope so”, said dad with a troubled look on his face.  “It is getting late, we should be heading back home”, said my mom. My little brother fell asleep in the car. When I finally crawled into my comfy, warm bed, I thought about all the things that had happened. I was so glad it was all over.
Kate H.
4th Grade/Mrs. Cash
Westwood Hills Elementary School


My Hero
My hero is my mom. My mom has dark brown hair. She also has a big heart. By that I mean she is sweet. My mom is my hero for many reasons.
My mother is very helpful. She helps me with my homework no matter what I do. My mom also helps me with cooking.  She is very caring.  My mom takes very good care of my sister and I. If I get hurt my mom will help me.  My mother is so funny. She makes me laugh all the time. Whenever I feel bad, disappointed or mad she will cheer me up.
My mom is my hero for all of these reasons. She is helpful, caring and funny. That is why she is my hero.
Emma H
4th Grade/Mrs. Van Covern
Westwood Hills Elementary School


An Abnormal School Day
“Beep, beep!” the intercom sounded. Everyone became silent as we listened to the announcement. “We have a special visitor coming all the way from Florida to see our students! We would like all fifth graders to make their way toward the bus loop! He will be visiting the other grades later. ” “Please line up quickly and quietly,” directed Ms. Diehl. Ms. Diehl led us down the hall. As we came closer to the bus loop we heard a noise that got louder, and louder! “I wonder what that loud noise is!” Peyton yelled over the sound. Once we got outside we saw what had been making the noise; a helicopter! Everyone was stunned! “I can’t believe a helicopter is at our school!” I cried to Julia over the sound.  “I know!” Julia responded. We took a seat on the sidewalk. “I wonder who is inside it,” I overheard the person say behind me. The helicopter landed. We watched with awe as Walt Disney walked out of it! He was waving his hands to all his fans. I couldn’t believe what was happening!
The adults directed us into the gym. When we got to the gym we were told to sit on the bleachers. Some of us had to sit on the floor. Walt Disney made his way into the gym. He started to pull out pieces of paper and signed them with a Mickey Mouse pen. He made every signature different. Once he had finished passing autographs out, everyone started chattering. People started waving their autograph in the air trying to show their friends. Mrs. Chandler turned out the lights. Everyone became silent. “We will give you five minutes to ask our special visitor some questions. Please make sure they aren’t silly questions.” “Why are you here?” asked Olivia. “I am here because it is Mickey Mouse’s birthday! Another reason why I am here is because your school had the most box tops out of all the schools in the United States!” exclaimed Walt Disney. “Wow! I didn’t know we had the most box tops out of all the schools in the country!” Trista called out. “You sure do!” responded Walt Disney.  “How long has Mickey Mouse been around?” Gracie asked. “He has been around for 79 years!” exclaimed Walt Disney. “Wow!” cried Gracie. “Is it fun coming up with the different characters?” I asked. “Of course, the best part is that the only limit to what you can do is your imagination! There are no rules when you are making a movie! It just has to be fun and intriguing!” exclaimed Walt Disney with a big grin on his face!
Once we finished asking questions, Ms. Diehl told us what we were going to be doing next. “Next we will be watching Steamboat Willie, one of Walt Disney’s most famous cartoons. Please stay quiet and respect the other people around you.” directed Ms. Diehl. Mrs. Chandler set up the projector, and turned out the lights. Everyone was paying attention trying to be the best audience they could. Once the movie ended everyone clapped. Walt Disney smiled, and thanked us for being such a good audience. Mrs. Willis went over to turn on the lights. “We are going to give you five minutes to ask him some questions about his film.” said Mrs. Willis. “Where did you get the idea for the movie?” asked Olivia. “I just use my imagination!” exclaimed Walt Disney with a huge smile! We kept on asking him questions until the five minutes were up. Then, we moved on to the next activity.
“It is almost time to go. Before we leave Walt Disney has something he would like to give to you.” said Ms. Diehl. Walt Disney left the gym to go get the surprise. “I wonder what it is!” Peyton exclaimed. “Me too,” I replied. I heard the gym door open up. My heart started beating really fast! I had a big grin on my face! I was so anxious to find out what the surprise was! “You have been a great audience! I would like to reward you with free tickets to Disney World!” “Yay!” everyone yelled at the same time! Everyone was so excited! People were jumping up and down! “I can’t believe it!” Trista exclaimed! “I know you will be disappointed, but it is time for the next grade to come in. As you walk out please be sure to thank our special visitor.” Mrs. Diehl directed. “Thank you!”, “Thank you!”, “Thank you!” each person said as they walked out the door. We went back to class, grabbed our lunchboxes, and went to lunch. The rest of the day went by quickly. Once I had gotten picked up I told my mom about my abnormal school day. “I am sure your sister will be jealous!” I smiled at her response showing her the tickets he had given me. I will never forget the day when Walt Disney came to our school.
Emily Hamp
5th Grade / Ms. Diehl
Westwood Hills Elementary


The Last Seconds
There are three
seconds left on the clock.
Neither team has a time out.
Coach puts in the kicking team.
The kicker takes a deep breath.
He kicks it.
The ball sails.
People praying their team will win the championship!
Does it go between the goal posts?
Darius J.
5th Grade /Mrs. Willis


“Did you know that we’re made of stardust?” I asked Emily, who was sitting next to me. “Really?” she asked as I took a mouthful of water. I capped the neon-green bottle.
Whirr!!! A loud whirring sound came from the rooftop above us. I nearly spit out my water. “What—“ I asked, annoyed. I wiped my mouth with my sleeve.
The outdoor cafeteria doors swung open. A man with frizzy silver hair stepped through the doors. He was wearing a beige argyle sweater, tan corduroy pants, and coffee brown leather dress shoes. He walked like he was in a space suit. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind! That kind of thing.
I knew who it was, instinctively. “Hi, Mr. Einstein!” I greeted him as I ran up. “I’m your #1 fan!” Chuckling, he said, “Prove it. Why did the chicken cross the road?” “That depends on the viewer’s perspective!” I answered. “All right, how about this one?” He asked. “E=?”  “MC2!” I answered again. “My religion is—?” He asked. “Jewish.” I replied. “Indeed, you are a true fan.” He patted my head, sort of robotically.
A small murmur swept over the kids at the lunch tables. “Albert Einstein?” One voice asked. “Isn’t he supposed to be dead?” said another. “It’s the zombie apocalypse!” Another shouted, alarmed. On that jolly note, everyone started to get up and back away from Mr. Einstein as if he was a hungry lion.
“Sit!” shouted Einstein, as if he were talking to a bunch of puppies. Everyone sat. “Mrs. Deffenbaugh will surely hear about this ruckus!”
At that very moment, Mrs. Deffenbaugh rushed in as if on cue. “Show your respect! Kids, this is Albert Einstein. A-HEM, should I say, the Albert Einstein.”
At this, a kindergarten boy put his hands on his cheeks and mimicked Mrs. Deffenbaugh. “This is the Albert Einstein! Show respect!”
Out of the corner of her eye, Mrs. Deffenbaugh saw the little boy and snapped her fingers. She pointed at him. “Office.” She snapped.
One of the aids rushed over to usher the boy to the office.
“You did not have to send that young fellow to the office! He was just expressing an opinion. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech!” Albert Einstein exclaimed, flabbergasted.
“Such rubbish. Now you sound like a Justice!” Mrs. Deffenbaugh replied to this. She turned to me. “Trista, show Mr. Einstein to his classroom, where he’ll be teaching physics. He will be in the room next to your classroom.” “Yes, Mrs. Deffenbaugh.” I replied, sounding like a servant.
Mrs. Deffenbaugh turned to the “audience”. “Lunch is dismissed.” She waved her arm. She turned and walked back coolly to her office.
“See you at Shiflett’s.” I waved at Emily. “It was nice of you to waste Bulldog Bucks sitting next to me!” She joked, laughing. I laughed along.
Back in the classroom, I overheard some classmates asking Mrs. Chandler what the First Amendment was.
“Mrs. Chandler? What’s the First Amendment?” Isabelle asked. “It protects your freedom of speech. But that’s advanced for 5th grade.” Mrs. Chandler replied. “Okay.” Isabelle walked back to her desk.
I saw about 11 different classmates walk up to Mrs. Chandler and ask her the same question before I left for Mrs. Shiflett’s.
I was about halfway across the hallway and saw Mr. Einstein walking towards me with a brown leather briefcase, and a cardboard box that was loaded with papers and books. “Where is my classroom?” He asked. Dang it. I had forgotten to show him his classroom. I felt like banging my head against the white brick wall. “It’s in that former second grade classroom, right there.” I pointed at the empty classroom next to Mrs. Chandler’s. “Thank you, friend.” Mr. Einstein patted my shoulder, and went inside the classroom, carrying his box and briefcase with him.
“You forgot to show Einstein to his room?” Emily asked, laying her math notebook and pouch on her chair. “Yerp,” I replied. “But it’s alright now.” I looked over at the math classroom. “It’s empty. Why is it empty? It’s never empty.” Emily asked.
I looked out the classroom door. “Oh. I see. There’s a long line in front of the former second grade classroom.”
Emily and I picked up our belongings and trudged out the door and into the second grade door. There, standing at the white board, was Albert Einstein, teaching his first class with a long metal stick for a pointer.
Emily and I bustled in, and sat at the nearest non-crowded table. “Class. Today, the subject is E= MC2. E is energy, m is mass, and c is the speed of light, while two is the exponent…”
Every day there was a different subject related to physics. This went on for months, until the very last day of school.
The clock minutes ticked by in the physics classroom, and some people tapped their feet like they couldn’t wait to get out, but were hiding it well. Some others moaned like physics was murder on their brains.
Many people were watching the clock with frantic eyes. As soon as it said 2:00, they started to get up quickly and gather their books, eager for recess.
I had made an origami crane for Mr. Einstein, which had the colors of an apple. “Bye, Mr. Einstien, I hope we meet again.”  I said as I handed him the crane. “Thank you, friend. And we shall meet again, I am sure.”
I left the classroom and into Mrs. Chandler’s classroom. I pulled my book bag from the dark green hook below the cubbies.
When I finished stacking my chair and packing my bookbag, I heard a knock at the door. Albert Einstein stepped in.
“I forgot to hand you this gift from me.” He handed me a canvas that was as tall as I was.
I flipped the canvas over. I saw a beautifully painted oil and water color portrait of Albert Einstein in white and grey in one corner, painted with precision. The backdrop of the painting was a magnificent galaxy, the Milky Way, with stars and nebulas surrounding it. Scattered  on the painting were all of his theories.
“Did you paint this?” I asked, amazed. “Yes, it took me nearly 6 months to do so.” Albert Einstein replied, glowing with pride.
“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!” I exclaimed, hugging the painting. “You are most welcome, Trista.” He ruffled my hair.
“See you next year.” Albert Einstein disintegrated into stardust.
Trista L.
5th Grade / Mrs. Chandler
Westwood Hills Elementary


Short Story #3
I thought today would be a regular day.  Who knew that I would be wrong?
“Hayden!” Vanessa shouted.
“What?” I asked a bit annoyed.
“There is still crime out in the city,” she said hopefully.
I sighed. “That hero is gone,” I stated.  Suddenly, I saw smoke arise from a house.  Vanessa opened the door as I ran outside. I sprinted inside with no hesitation.  A family was trapped in a corner, crying, because they gave up.  My skin burned as I went through and out of the fire three times, carrying a person.  A dark shadow disappeared around the corner.  A siren broke the silence.  Firefighters marched into the house, soaking everything with a liquid.  My dad was chief and I heard his voice over the others. He barked orders to the firemen. My dad went home after his team did all they could do.  Crackling fire started on another house.  When I saw the dark shadow, I followed.  I tapped his or her shoulder and when the unknown person turned around, I yanked off the mask, revealing his true identity…
It was my father.
Daniela L.
5th Grade / Mrs. Willis
Westwood Hills Elementary

William Perry Writes

Once upon a time, there was a princess named Sparkle.  The princess lives in a castle.  She loves to dance.
Danasah C.
Kindergarten – Paulson
William Perry


Once there was a princess named Elsa.  She lives in a castle.  She is beautiful.}
Leanne J.
Kindergarten – Paulson
William Perry


I drew a robot. His name is Carlee.
Michael D.
Lee- Kindergarten
William Perry

I see a dragon. The dragon blows fire. Stay away.
Sean Lealde
Kindergarten – Shea
William Perry


My mom drives me to school. I love school. I love to wear dresses to school.
Fany Vasquez
Kindergarten  – Shea
William Perry


I like pizza and spaghetti. Pizza is yummy and spaghetti is, too!
Jaya L.
Kindergarten – Cornish
William Perry Elementary


I love my Dad. He is nice. He is big.
Ollie K.
Kindergarten – Cornish


I like to go to the park.
Jenna G.
Kindergarten – Hewitt
William Perry


Fishing is fun becks you can get a fish for dinr.  Yum yum yume delishis good dinr.
Andre C.
Kindergarten – Hewitt
William Perry


This is why I brush my teeth.  So my breath doesn’t stink.  Yuck!  So I don’t get cavities.  So my teeth don’t fall out.  So I have healthy teeth.  That is why I brush my teeth.
Clara B.
Grade 1 – Damico
William Perry


I will give a give a gift to Santa.  I will give him a cookie.  I want to give it to him because he is nice to us.
Zion B.
Grade 1 – Damico
William Perry


We have been in school 100 days!  I like baseball math and pajama day.  I like bubblegum day and show-n-tell.  I like to be a helper and reading lots of books.  I like to have indoor snowball battles and the compliment jar. I like field trips to the library and Woodrow Wilson and to play bang.  I love math and playing inside.  I like counting and exercising to 100 and writing on our desks.  I like to fly the kite and make cornucopias.  I love my teacher and school.
Dahaven C.
Grade 1 – Crickenberger
William Perry


Rules that I have at my house – Do not go in the road when a parint is not out.  You can not cut with a knife if a parint is not waching you.  You can not eat in your room.  Do not leav the house with out a parint’s permison.  You can not wach TV if your homework is not done.
Eli M.
Grade 1 – Crickenberger
William Perry


My Favorite Bear
I have a bear and I call him Chubs because he is really big.  I like to sleep with him all the time.  He is bigger than me!  He is dark brown and on his neck it is white.  He smells like my hair, which is disgusting but he is my friend and I love him very much.  He is sweet even though he is not alive.  I talk to him and pretend that he is alive.  I treat him very nicely because he is so special to me.  I love him and I think he loves me too!
Kalela J.
Grade 2-Henry
William Perry


Ella the Goldfish
Once upon a time there was a fish in the water and her name was Ella.  She was a goldfish and on a Monday morning two kids were going fishing.  The two kids were girls and they were named Lily and Nicky.  They went fishing and Lily saw a fish who jumped up out of the water and said, “Hi!’  Lily looked at Nicky and told her how the fish just popped out of the water to say hello. Then Nicky told her that there was no fish that can talk in that water.  Nicky kept fishing and soon she said, “Look, I just caught a fish!”  She looked at the fish and the fished looked at her.  Then the fish talked and told her that her name was Ella.  Nicky was shocked.  She and Lily decided the fish was really cool, so they kept her and used her for a pet.
Ashlynn, B
Grade 2-Henry
William Perry


One day I was just playing outside and it started to rain.  So, I decided to play in the rain!  I love playing in any type of weather, rain, snow, sun, and best of all, thunder storms!  When it rains during a thunder storm, I always go outside to play in it!  I know a lot of people don’t really like playing in thunder storms, but I do.  I don’t really know why I like playing in so many different types of weather.  Maybe it’s because I like exploring and learning sooooo much about weather.  Playing in thunder storms is awesome!
Molly F.
Grade 2 – Shepherd
William Perry


One day it was very rainy.  My friend Sarah and I were bored because we couldn’t find anything to do.  We asked our parents if we could play in the rain.  They said, “Yes!”  We went outside and played in the rain.  All of a sudden it started thundering.  We were about to go inside when two magical Pegasus picked us off the ground.  I asked Sarah if I was dreaming!  She said, “I don’t think so!”  Then the pink Pegasus I was riding on talked.  It said, “Hi!  I am Princess Starwish and that is my friend Scarlett.”  I said, “Hi!”  Then I said, “WHAT IN THE WORLD DID YOU PICK US UP FOR?”  Scarlett said, “There is a storm coming and it’s all because of the water dragon!”  “Water dragon?” said Sarah.  Scarlett said, “Look, the water dragon is made of water.  Every Pegasus, including us, has tried to get rid of it but it’s too strong, but the legend says that two humans will save us.”  So Sarah and I went to the water dragon’s cave with a torch.  We set the water dragon’s cave on fire and the water dragon flew into space and its habitat became the moon.  And they all lived happily ever after!
Kalissa M.
Grade 2 – Shepherd
William Perry


Apples are very sweet and sometimes sour.
They are very juicy, too.
When someone bites into one
It sounds like you stepped on a can.
They look different from each other.
They are all different sizes and colors.
When you feel one,
It is very smooth on the outside and wet on the inside.
The smell is relaxing and sweet.
Madison S.
Grade 4- Chance
William Perry Elementary


Bad Luck
One day I drove into my house, through the closed garage door. I got out of my car but moments later, the car slid down the driveway. I didn’t chase after it. It was a waste of time. I tried to open the door to the house but, it was locked. In this particular situation, I knew exactly what to do. I got a baseball bat and walked over to the window. I hesitated but thought, “When was the last time I paid for something?” I swung the bat into the window.
The bat bounced back and hit me in the head. I fell backwards off the wood railing, unconscious. I landed in the thorny bushes, bounced up, and rolled down my front yard’s hill, I landed in the garbage can. It was all caught on camera and was on the news. Just my bad luck.
Charlie K.
Grade 4- Chance
William Perry


My Future Autobiography
I was born on December 27, 2004 in the Augusta Health Hospital in Fishersville, VA.  My parent’s names are Brandi and Travis Shiflett. Good grades took me far in live because I became a successful lawyer. I went through the ups and downs of elementary school, middle school, and High School. Then on to four years of James Madison University, and three more years of law school at Yale University.
I became a divorce lawyer. I decide who pays child support, and who gets the rights to raise the children. That’s just a little bit of the problems I solve being a divorce lawyer. Working as a lawyer brings in a lot of mula! I was able to get my dream car, a Nissan 370z! I also have a mansion at Disneyland, Florida. My whole family moved in with me and my beautiful wife Hannah Garin Montana.
I met Hannah Garin Montana like this. I went to one of her concerts and sat in the front row. When she was singing ‘’ Best Of The Both Worlds’’ her microphone fell down on my lap. She jumped off the stage to retrieve it and I handed her the microphone. We saw each other’s gleaming eyes and it was true love at first sight! I proposed to her five days later and we kissed for the first time. We got married officially two years later.
When I was a kid I knew I wanted my own kids, wife, and family when I grew up.  I wanted to be able to provide lots of things for my family. When I was a kid I had amazing teachers that inspired me to become amazing in life. Their names are Mrs. Runkle, Mrs. Shea, Mrs. Crick, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Craven, and Mrs. Mason. I Six years ago we had two kids, Miley and Austin. We try to teach them that the world is not their oyster! Instead they should be a pearl in other words become successful in life. Now I am trying to teach my actual family to become amazing, become what they want to be in life, and become better off in life than their parents. My Mom and Dad said that they want me to be more successful than them and be ready to face the world and that is what I want for my kids.
Maverick S.
Grade 4 – Craven
William Perry


My Future Autobiography
Hi my name is Keiko Churchill. I was born on July 17 2005 in Stanton, Virginia. My parents’ names are Johanna and Steven Churchill. My mother is a famous author. My dad is an electrical engineer.                                                                                                                                        When I was a little girl I spent most of my time drawing.  One time I drew a girl elf.  When I looked at it closely I noticed that I put a lot of cool elfy detail.  I thought to myself “This is really good.”
So now it’s 2025, and I am 21 years old. My parents were able to get me into an expensive art school. When I graduated I was able to get a really good job at a publishing company as their illustrator for children’s books. My art is being displayed all over the world!                   I got married to Kyle Lee, a famous author.  Since I was an artist I illustrated all of his children’s books. I can also paint pictures, and use clay too. I am really good at drawing people, fruit, and anything I lay my eyes on. Now I’m rich because I sold some of my drawings. I live in a mansion in Paris, France –all thanks to my mom and dad for putting me into a famous art school.
Keiko C.
Grade 4 –Craven
William Perry


A Day on the Beach
Imagine one day you’re on the beach. There is no one there but you. You can feel the sand touching your toes. It feels soft. And hot, when the sun is out. You can hear the birds chirping and the waves crashing. You smell the stinky stuff in the water. Sometimes you can taste the salt in the water.
Kalik S.
Grade 4- Chance
William Perry


You may strike out.
You may hit.
But there’s nothing bad about SPORTSMANSHIP.
Trey D.
Grade 4- Chance
William Perry


Giraffes Haiku
Giraffes have long necks
Giraffes eat leaves on the trees
Giraffes have blue tongues
Madysen S.
Grade 5- Hutchinson
William Perry Elementary


Once upon a time there was a reindeer. He lived with Santa. One day he wanted to be on Santa’s sleigh and Santa said, “If you can put the star on top of the tree then you can be on my sleigh.” So the reindeer went to the Christmas tree and tried to put the star on top of the tree but the tree was so high that he couldn’t reach it. Then, the elf left a present for the reindeer. It was powers and the reindeer flew up high and the reindeer could put the star on the tree. Santa put the reindeer on his sleigh and off went Santa. Everyone lived happily ever after.
Cab B.
Grade 1- Elgaway
William Perry


We jump and tumble,
We go to compete
The crowd begins to rumble,
Once all the teams compete the competition is complete
They do front tucks and back tucks,
They do back handsprings too
But hopefully on the bars they don’t get stuck,
On the uneven bars they flew
When it’s time for the teams get nervous,
There is one lucky team
They stand on the surface,
The team that one thought it was a dream
Mya R.
Grade 5- Hutchinson
William Perry Elementary


Ring! Ring! I went downstairs very quietly because my parents were sleeping, and I didn’t want to wake them up.  I went in the kitchen and I answered the phone.  It was my cousin Kendra! I was so excited when I heard her on the phone because we haven’t talked lately since she moved to California.  She said, “Do you want to come down here to visit?” I said.  “ Well I don’t know, Kendra.  I have never ridden on an airplane.  I am really scared of them.” Kendra said, “It will be okay.  On my first airplane ride I was terrified, but I faced my fears and did it so you should too!”   I said, “Well I have to ask my mom tomorrow when she wakes up.  I’ll talk to you later.”  “Alright, bye.  I love you,” Kendra said.  Then, I walked quietly back up stairs and went in my room to go to bed.
The next morning I walked into the living room and I said, “Mom, can I go to California to visit Kendra?”  Mom said, “Yes but I have to go with you.”  I screamed to the top of my lungs.  I was so excited to tell Kendra that I get to go see her! So I went downstairs to call and tell her that I get to come! I said, “Hey Kendra, my mom said I get to come.  Do you still have them plane tickets?” She said, “Well I’m really sorry but I lost the tickets.  I thought I sat them on my TV, but this morning I tried to look for the tickets and I couldn’t find them.” “Oh so what are we going to do now?”  “I really don’t know, does your mom have the money?” “No she doesn’t have enough for us to go well, I guess I can’t go.  Well thanks for trying bye love you.”  “Bye.”
Ding dong!  “What could that be?” I went down stairs and I found a little package in the mailbox.  I opened it, and there were two tickets inside.  I forgot that my class was suppose to go to a field trip to New York and my mom bought tickets because I wanted to go at the time.  Hmm I had an idea! I went into my mom’s room and said, “Do they exchange tickets for different ones?” Mom said, “Well yes all the time, why did you want to know?” I said, “Because I wanted to ask you if we can exchange our tickets to go to California?” Mom said, “Are you sure you don’t want to go to New York with your class?”  I said, “Yes I’m sure.” She said,  “Okay, I will call the airline right now.” I ran downstairs so fast I was out of breath.  I grabbed the phone and called my cousin Kendra. She answered the phone.  I said, “I get to come to California!” “Oh my gosh I cant wait till you come!”
I went upstairs and packed all the stuff I needed. Then, my mom and I got into the car and drove to the airport.  When we got there we got all of our stuff out and the security scanned our stuff. Then we gave the people our ticket and we got on the airplane. I was scared at first, but I got used to it.  After a long flight we finally got there! I ran off the airplane and I hugged my cousin so tightly because I have been so lonely without seeing her.  It just made me so excited!  We did awesome. We did things there I have never even done.  I also got to meet some famous people.  It was like I was in a dream! I learned from my cousin Kendra to have courage and never be afraid and also never give up!
Thalia G.
Grade 5 – Bradley
William Perry Elementary